SFPRO-TEX provides corporations and small businesses with the protection they need to return to work. Our masks adhere to state and federal mandates so everyone can be reassured that workers and customers alike are taken care of.

We are a U.S.-based company that focuses on local manufacturing and lowering our carbon footprint when possible. We entered the PPE space to provide resources to our community and essential workers. SFPRO-TEX was born out of founder Karyna Myers’ desire to be of service during the pandemic. After witnessing frontline workers forced to wear bandanas instead of proper protective masks, Myers mobilized her network of factories and rallied support across social media. We have directly contributed to the security of 1,000 jobs, of which 300+ are in Los Angeles.

We are a female, minority-owned business with a diverse company culture. Our team is comprised of fashion and manufacturing industry professionals with years of experience. We are a diverse group of people focused on excellence and quality. We are proud that we mobilized quickly and saved thousands of U.S. jobs. We believe in living wages and pay above normal production costs for labor to ensure living wages for factory workers. One theme throughout our journey is:

“Females uniting to get things done!”

Our goal is simple: To provide an excellent product that helps to implement a safe return to work. We pride ourselves on timely deliveries and a premium product. SFPRO-TEX is here to help your business run while giving your employees and customers a sense of security. We truly are here to help.


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